Saw SAW-PU-HD for polyurethane + HD - NMC

Polyurethane and HDPS saw - Pack 1 x 1 p

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Saw SAW-PU-HD for polyurethane + HD NMC Accessories :

This saw for HDPS and polyurethane with medium teeths allows you to operate clean and precise cuts in order to quickly get a professional result.

Paint :

Polystyrene products should only be painted with solvent-free acrylique paints.

Polyurethane products are primed in the factory so you don't need to apply a layer of primer first. They may be painted with every type of paint (it is nevertheless advisable to do a preliminary test).

Required glue quantity :

The required glue quantity is indicated on every single product sheet. A simple calculation will allow you to know the number of ADEFIX glue cartridges needed for installation.

Installation instructions :

All required installation accessories to succeed a professional installation are : the glue ADEFIX or CM500, the mitre box MB1, the polystyrene saw SAW PS or the polyurethane and HDPS saw SAW PU-HD.

  • The glue allows you to glue the mouldings, to fill the joints and to catch small imperfections,
  • The special mitre box for mouldings and covings allows you to cut perfect angles on whatever profile of moulding,
  • The special saw for polystyrene with small teeths allows you to operate clean and precise cuts on this material,
  • The special saw for polyurethane and HDPS with medium teeths allows you to operate clean and precise cuts on these materials.

In addition to the measuring and marking tools, consider equiping yourself with some complementary tools such as : a cartridge gun, a spatula, a ponge.

Manufacturer :

La Company NMC is the european leading manufacturer of decorative polystyrene and polyurethane mouldings.

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Pack 1 x 1 p